How it Works (Hint: It's as easy as 1-2-3)

1. Describe Your Product

In less than a minute you can easily, describe your product, insert an image or a video to add more context to the survey (optional), and specify your pricing model (one time purchase, monthly, hourly, etc.). That's it!

We've also found users going beyond creating surveys simply for their product, but also to test copy, new feature ideas, and even new web layouts.

Note: If you have another way to introduce your product or service to users, then you can eliminate the description entirely.

2. Collect Responses

Our behind the scenes magic generates the survey for you with a convenient little link to send out to your email list

Don't have an email list? No problem. Drive paid search traffic to your survey to gauge how much users are willing to pay.

Still sound a little too cumbersome? Still not a problem. You can utilize our consulting option where we do all the heavy lifting for you, utilizing our market network. For more details check out our plans and pricing.

3. Discover Your Value

With as little as 40-60 responses you'll know exactly what you're worth. Of course, the more you survey, the more accurate the results.

The results go beyond just a fancy graph though. You'll have a Plain English Summary of what all those numbers mean for your value, an interactive Van Westendorp Quadchart to explore the value system of your customers, a Unit Sales Lost Report to see how much you're losing out at each price point, and a Price Comparison Calculator to compare unit sales and gross revenue differential for different prices.

If you're nice, we may throw in the kitchen sink, too. :)

It's time to determine your value: See Plans and Pricing Request a Demo View FAQ