Why Your Perfect Pricing Strategy Sucks

An unfortunate misconception that we hear almost every single day is that there’s some mythical
By Tucker Dawson

How Your Culture is Destroying Profits (and pricing strategy)

While it’s definitely true that the pricing process is the most important aspect of your
By Tucker Dawson

Three Software Pricing Strategy Lessons from T-Mobile "Un-Carrier"

T-Mobile has long been the neglected step-sister in the US mobile carrier family. She just
By Eric Yu

How Groupon is Losing $1,117,808 Every Single Day

Note: This is the first in our "They're leaving money on the table" series, where we actually
By Patrick Campbell

[Study] Whose time is worth more: @Jason's or @Dharmesh's?

Wednesday night I had the opportunity to have dinner with a group of folks who were well above
By Patrick Campbell

Discount Pricing Strategies Don’t Work: Where Price Discounting Fails

  We’ve worked with all kinds of companies here at Price Intelligently, from software to retail
By Patrick Campbell

Lessons From the Biggest Pricing Strategy Failure of 2012

J.C. Penney's experiment with “fair and square” pricing that eliminates all deals, offers,
By Patrick Campbell

Top three pricing strategy successes of 2012

It’s been quite a year, complete with Gangnam style, a Facebook IPO, and even a looming fiscal
By Patrick Campbell

3 Design Tactics for Software Pricing Optimization

This article is a guest post from Nick Beske, the lead creative and founder of Point Click
By Nick Beske

Pricing Tactics: 4 Essential Pricing Strategy Tactics to Boost Revenue

I remember my first microeconomics class. The lesson was on supply and demand curves in a
By Vivian Guo
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