A Guide to SaaS Metrics and Your Pricing Strategy: Eliminating Churn

Please note: This is the second post of a three part series that focuses on how your SaaS
By Tucker Dawson

SaaS Customer Acquisition Costs: A SaaS CaC Guide

Please note: This is the first post of a three part series that focuses on how your SaaS metrics
By Tucker Dawson

Screw Freemium: Use a Free Trial

To note: This post was written during a time in which we weren’t a fan of freemium. Our views
By Eric Yu

How to Use Product Differentiation to Optimize Your Pricing Strategy

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Apple’s iPhone 5C has been getting a lot of press
By Jared Boyer

Profit Maximization: Sales Keeps Discounting and It May be Your Fault

Before I came to Price Intelligently, I worked for a startup called IdeaPaint, the inventors of
By John Rioux

Had Enough of Comcast's Appalling Pricing Strategy? So Have I.

It’s no secret that Comcast blows. Many of us are forced to pay top dollar for Comcast’s
By Tucker Dawson

4 Simple Tips for Crafting Better Value Propositions

The gaming industry is perhaps the best example of a hyper-competitive business environment.
By Jared Boyer

Discounting Makes You Work Twice as Hard. Here's Why.

Almost all SaaS startups strive to generate consistent growth. Nowadays it seems every emerging
By Tucker Dawson

3 Lessons for Revenue Maximization from the NFL Pricing Playbook

Football is back! Kind of. Okay so football isn’t really back per se, but the NFL preseason did
By Jared Boyer

Why Value Management is the Key to Profit Maximization

At Price Intelligently, we consistently champion pricing as a process that should be infused
By Tucker Dawson
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