The State of the SaaS Economy

As a leader in the recurring revenue world, your job is always getting harder.
By Patrick Campbell

Your Buyer Personas Aren't Good Enough

"Know thy customer" might just be the first commandment of enlightened startups worldwide. The
By Patrick Campbell

Pricing Page Tips: 3 Tips for the Best SaaS Pricing Page [+ Examples]

There is one page on your website that rises above all others in importance. Your sales and
By Patrick Campbell

How Quantified Buyer Personas Align Your Entire Funnel

At each step in your funnel, you’re at a different stage of the customer journey, each managed
By Andrew Tate

3 Reasons Your SaaS Business Needs Quantified Buyer Personas

You know what a buyer persona is: a cartoon drawing of Startup Steve—a go-getting, hard-hitting,
By Andrew Tate

How to find the best pricing strategy for a SaaS product

As you spend dozens and dozens of hours on your acquisition funnels and landing page conversion
By Andrew Gierer

Everyone In SaaS Is Using Buyer Personas Incorrectly

Starting a SaaS company is 10x easier than starting an ecommerce or on-premise software company.
By Andrew Gierer

The Crucial Steps to Actually Quantifying Your Customer Personas

If you’ve read any content related to marketing, you’ve definitely heard of the “buyer persona”
By Patrick Campbell
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