SaaSFest Update: Optional Pricing Workshop, Accommodations, and Price Increase Friday

Updated On: November 18, 2015

We're amped about SaaSFest 2015, the SaaS community conference we're curating here in Boston on December 9th. We can think of nothing better than to help empower SaaS leaders through some phenomenal talks and even better relationship building amongst the SaaS community. 

While we gave a top level overview with some of the main details for SaaSFest in this previous post, here we're going to walk through the optional second day Monetization workshop, as well as accomodations and the impending price increase. 

For the main conference website, check out and keep in mind prices go up on Friday, November 20 at 11:59pm, so book now. 

Pricing Workshop on Day 2 (optional)

While we went deep into the impetus and origin of this conference in this past post, one of our main goals with the conference is to keep a close nit group so that we can put a strong emphasis on building communtiy and facilitatating a lot of introductions. 

We're capping the total number of people for the conference at 150 people - a number that's just the right size for building a genuine community.

The first day (Dec. 9th) will consist of a full line up of panels and sessions covering the 3 main pillars of SaaS - acquisition, monetization, and retention. 

"SaaSFest 2015 - the premier SaaS community event"


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The second day (Dec. 10th-optional) we'll be taking a smaller group (max of 10 companies) through a framework and testing plan to get your pricing/monetization strategy specifically on track. We'll do this through exercises/coaching surrounding your product(s) specifically, rather than just general advice.

Those who sign up for the optional one day workshop will be interactively engaged with Price Intelligently team with this key goal in mind: 

"Provide a framework for stakeholders to harness the importance and power of value as it relates to pricing, packaging, and positioning." 

We've helped hundreds of companies get their pricing strategy on track for better growth, and seen inside thousands more through ProfitWell. Our goal is to help this smaller group on the second day of the conference in the exact same manner. 

Pragmatically what this means is we'll be going through a number of excersices throughout the second day to walk through: 

  • Quantifying your buyer personas

  • Investigateing your current pricing data

  • How to collect proper pricing/relative preference data

  • How to use this data for pricing, product marketing, funnel alignment, etc. 

Essentially, we teach you how we do this for other companies in the context of your product/customer personas, so you can take that framework back into your workflow.

Session Deliverables: 

Through these exercises and discussions, you'll glean the following deliverables: 

  • Benchmarks for success relative to your industry and price point

  • A buyer persona framework for use in product, marketing, sales, etc. 

  • A testing plan framework for quantified customer development

  • Price testing framework to get your monetization strategy on track

  • Best practices given current product packaging/pricing based on existing SaaS landscape 

We're limiting this workshop to only 10 companies, so if you have any questions reach out to The price is $3500, but includes two tickets to the first day, as well. Sign up here. 

Conference Accomodations: Envoy Hotel 

The location of the Envoy Hotel is prime real estate two blocks away from the conference venue. With a beautiful waterside view and quick access to many top tier restaurants and attractions right on the historic Boston Harbor. 

We were able to secure a nice group rate for our SaaSFest attendees that should make the journey to SaaSFest that much smoother. Here's a look at the detail regarding location, as well as the dates for the group rate. 

Key accomodation details:  

Prices go up on Friday, November 20th

We're excited to have you here in Boston on December 9th. If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out directly to Once again you can check out SaaSFest here, and remember that prices go up on Friday, so get your tickets now!

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