SaaSFest 2016 - Let's learn from one another

Updated On: October 04, 2016

Our entire team is thrilled to announce the second annual SaaSFest on December 7-9 in Boston, MA. Last year, we brought together some of the best and brightest in SaaS from six different continents to meet and learn from one another. As one attendee put it, “I’ve never learned more in one day from an event.”

This is because SaasFest is a no frills, no fluff event entirely focused on empowering you to get the most out of SaaS through deep talks and community building.

I've put all the fun details below, but you can also learn more and register today for early bird pricing at the SaaSFest website. Based on last year's event and the fact that we keep SaaSFest at a size that allows for as many connections as possible, we know we're going to sell out quickly


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SaaSFest: How is this conference different?

What makes SaaSFest unique is we're 100% focused on community building and bringing together the best operators in SaaS to teach. We do this by capping the number of attendees that can come, while also adding numerous moments of serendipity through the day - randomized seating, introductions, just long enough breaks, etc - to facilitate as many meaningful relationships as posisble (plus, as much coffee as you're willing to drink).  

We also heavily vet all speakers for content quality, ensuring you're hearing the cutting edge and foundational. Some of the names you won’t recognize, because we worked extremely hard to find the folks who are truly revolutionizing their areas of expertise, even if they aren’t the most self-promotional. As I’m sure you’ve recognized from our own content, we take content quality exceptionally seriously and SaaSFest will be no different.

To expand on the content and details, let's walk through some more information about each day. 

The Main Event (December 8th)

Our curriculum is curated to ensure you have enough breadth and depth to make meaningful strides in each of the three pillars of successful SaaS - retention, monetization, and acquisition. We split the day into these three sections with two 45 minute talks and then three to four 15-20 minute speakers. We eliminated panels this year to make room for more content. 

For the main event on December 8th, we’re excited to announce some of the smartest and seasoned leaders in SaaS like:

  • Suneet Bhatt, Chief Growth Officer at HelpScout,

  • Drew Sanocki, CMO at Teamwork and

  • Brian Balfour, CEO/Founder at Reforge and many more.

Even more, we’ve brought back some fan favorites like David Cancel, Founder/CEO of Drift and Hiten Shah, CEO of Crazy Egg.

We’ll continue to announce new speakers leading up to the event. Attendees will get all the content produced over the course of the day, including videos of the talks and supplemental materials we'll be creating based on the talks, as well. Follow #saasfest16 for all the updates or check out the main SaaSFest website.

One-Day Pricing Workshop (optional on December 7th)

If you've read any of our posts before, you know that we know a thing or two about pricing (maybe a lot of things :)). To help companies in this area, we'll be taking a smaller group through a framework and testing plan to get your SaaS pricing strategy specifically on track. We'll do this through exercises/coaching surrounding your company specifically, rather than just general advice.

Pragmatically what this means is we'll be going through a number of exercises to walk through:

  • Quantifying your buyer personas

  • Investigating your current pricing data

  • How to collect proper pricing/relative preference data

  • How to use this data for pricing, product marketing, funnel alignment, etc.

Essentially, we teach you how we do this for other companies in the context of your product/customer personas, so you can take that framework back into your workflow. You can bring up to three team members from your company to the workshop and your SaaSFest tickets are included.

Trial and Error (Invite/Application Only - December 9th)

We’re also doing something new this year specifically for SaaS Executives and Founders. Wisdom is hard to teach, and you can only learn so much from data. Sometimes you need to absorb as much as you can from your peers and those who came before you to truly make your growth successful. That’s why we’re adding a post-main event session called Trial and Error that's an entirely closed door session where Founders and Executives can speak freely about their mistakes and wins without feeling judged.

Attendees will spend the day talking through some of their biggest f*ck ups and what they learned. The goal is for everyone to leave more empowered and prepared for the toughest growth challenges than when we started. In order to create a safe environment for sharing openly, there will be no social media allowed. Apply to attend for more details.

SaaSFest 2016: We'll see you there 

We like to think of SaaSFest as less of a conference and more of a large dinner party for a bunch of friends. It’s a no-frills event focused on sharing data, lessons learned, and real-world strategies. Ultimately, that's the only way we'll all succeed - by having the right focus and learning the right lessons. 

Register today! Early bird pricing at $650 only lasts until Oct. 20th and there’s limited supply of discounted rooms at the Marriott Long Wharf (this year’s SaaSFest venue). Check out #saasfest16 for all the updates.See you soon!

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