The Future is Statistical

Updated On: April 07, 2018
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In my time at Google, I only once spoke to Eric Schmidt. But that one conversation changed my life. Talking about the future of mathematics, Schmidt told me,

“The world will be inherited by statisticians”

As a math geek, I was fortified, but his statement was already being proved all around me. Everything in tech is based in math—we are all part of a data machine. Statistics allows us to draw insight from the wealth of data this field is generating.



Stats has been applied to medicine, politics, and finance. Now it's tech's turn. Statistics is becoming more and more integral to the companies we run and the products we make. The technologies of the future that are starting to come online now—artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, predictive analytics—are all, deep down, based on statistics. They are at their core the regressions, probabilities, and p-values that you learned about in high school.

This is why we are writing this guide. To help SaaS executives get a better understanding of statistics so that they can a) understand their business now, and b) prepare their business for the future. In this first chapter of the complete guide to statistics for the SaaS executive, we want to show you exactly how the world will be inherited by statisticians.


Artificial intelligence: how recommenders use math to know your mind

Amazon and Netflix seem to have windows to your soul, picking out just the right movie for a rainy day or a book about business you haven't yet heard of.


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They can do this because they do have a window into your soul—your actions. Every action you take on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, etc. is fed into their artificial intelligence algorithms to learn more about you and offer more of what (they think) you want.

AI isn't only the basis of recommender systems. The natural language processing of Siri or Alexa, the self-driving cars of Google or Tesla, even game-winning abilities of IBM's DeepBlue or DeepMind's AlphaGo—AI is now embedded in a massive range of technologies we already take for granted.

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