Major Considerations When Moving From Perpetual Licenses To SaaS

Most on-premise software vendors are ill-prepared for the universal shift to the SaaS pricing
By Patrick Campbell

Everyone In SaaS Is Using Buyer Personas Incorrectly

Starting a SaaS company is 10x easier than starting an ecommerce or on-premise software company.
By Andrew Gierer

Why You Should Change Your SaaS Pricing Every 6 Months

Pricing is the most important lever in your business. True, we’re a bit biased given we work
By Jordan T. McBride

How Apple Screwed Up the Apple Music Pricing Strategy

Apple’s “one more thing...” at WWDC 2015 yesterday was the launch of their new Apple Music
By Patrick Campbell

Data shows SaaS discounting lowers SaaS LTV by over 30%

Sitting in the SaaS trenches is not an activity for the faint of heart. While monthly recurring
By Patrick Campbell

Why Tinder’s charging older users more, and why it makes perfect sense

Last week, famed dating app Tinder swiped right into their first foray into premium plans to
By Patrick Campbell

Product Design and SaaS Value: Distinguishing on Design

Let’s consider, for a moment, an Apple laptop and one running Windows. What’s the first
By Dylan Ortega

Move to tiers for your SaaS pricing strategy

If you’re selling a SaaS product, chances are good that you offer a number of pricing tiers. But
By Chris Doty

What is B2B Pricing? 6 Common B2B Pricing Strategy Mistakes

As you move into the new year and begin taking stock of your business and planning out for the
By Dylan Ortega

3 ways human behavior can help your SaaS pricing strategy

Congratulations! Your brand new software widget is finally ready to hit the market! Now you just
By Chris Doty

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