Forget Freemium: Why It’s Killing Your Pricing Strategy

UPDATE: We clarified some of the language in an example we outline in the middle of the post.
By Patrick Campbell

6 Myths About Pricing You Need to Debunk for Your Pricing Strategy

The Easter bunny, the infamous Cash Cat, and the claim that “clean coal” protects the
By Vivian Guo

Sticky Prices 101: The Necessities and Your Pricing Strategy

Post-it notes, sushi rice and the gum a second grader stuck in my hair last week are a few
By Vivian Guo

Importance of Pricing: Why Pricing is Important for SaaS and Beyond

We talk a lot about pricing here at Price Intelligently. After all, that’s what we do. We’ve
By Patrick Campbell

5 Best SaaS Pricing Page Features to Add Value

Your pricing page is the most important page on your site. Period. Every other page works to
By Patrick Campbell

Software and SaaS Pricing is a Process that Requires Data: Our Response to @SeanEllis and @alexmehr

When we first speak with our customers we find their views on pricing are not only exceptionally
By Patrick Campbell

A Lesson in Price Communication: Pricing Data Supports the #MBTA Fare Hike, But Not the #MBTA

Note: This post was co-written by one of Price Intelligently's Community Fellows, and Patrick
By Patrick Campbell

How To Leverage Price Elasticity of Demand To Inform Pricing Strategy

At the core of marketing is predicting how consumers will respond to different forms of
By Vivian Guo

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