Predatory Pricing: Definition, Examples, & Legality [2020]

Being strategic with your pricing is one of the surest ways to boost your company’s sales
By Patrick Campbell

Revenue & Capital Expenditures: Definitions, Types & Examples

When you’re running your SaaS business, dealing with a huge glossary of financial terms daily,
By Patrick Campbell

Understanding and Communicating with your SaaS Board

You think you know what your board wants to hear: exponential growth, overwhelming booking
By Patrick Campbell

How To Calculate & Grow Total Revenue With The Sales Revenue Formula

Before we get to the formula for calculating revenue, let's make another revenue formula very
By Patrick Campbell

Burn Rate: What Is It, How Can I Calculate It, and Why It Matters

If any unfortunate high school kids find this article, hoping it holds the secret to reducing
By Patrick Campbell

Price-Based Costing: What Peter Drucker Gets Wrong

No company—no matter how massive—can escape the consequences of bad pricing. The early 1990s saw
By Patrick Campbell

Willingness To Pay: What Is It and How to Calculate Customer WTP

A great subscription pricing strategy is built on the balance of revenue, retention, and growth.
By Patrick Campbell

How to Send Renewal Emails that Save 30% of Annual Customers

The California DMV is outsmarting most subscription companies...
By Patrick Campbell

Deferred Revenue: Definition, Examples & Why It’s a Liability

The feeling of cash in hand after a successful sales period is as exciting as it is potentially
By Patrick Campbell

Subscription Pricing Models: 4 Strategies for Maximum Growth in 2019

How do you set your subscription pricing?
By Patrick Campbell

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