Pricing Tactics: 4 Essential Pricing Strategy Tactics to Boost Revenue

I remember my first microeconomics class. The lesson was on supply and demand curves in a
By Vivian Guo

Pricing Ethics: 5 Ethical Issues in Pricing Strategies [+Avoiding Them]

Some ethical issues are extremely easy to understand: don’t steal, treat others with respect,
By Vivian Guo

Value Based Pricing 101: The Necessities and Your Pricing Strategy

Please note: This post is the third post in a five part series on the main pricing
By Vivian Guo

Competition Based Pricing: Pros/Cons of Competitive Pricing

Please note: This post is the second post in a five part series on the main pricing
By Vivian Guo

Cost Plus Pricing Strategy: Definition, Advantages & Disadvantages

xPlease note: This post is the first post in a five-part, week-long series on the main pricing
By Vivian Guo

6 Myths About Pricing You Need to Debunk for Your Pricing Strategy

The Easter bunny, the infamous Cash Cat, and the claim that “clean coal” protects the
By Vivian Guo

What Are Sticky Prices? 4 Ways To Make Your Prices Less Sticky

Post-it notes, sushi rice, and the gum a second-grader stuck in my hair last week are a few
By Vivian Guo

Price Elasticity of Demand: Formula & Examples to Optimize Your Pricing Strategy

At the core of marketing is predicting how consumers will respond to different forms of
By Vivian Guo

Big Mac's Lessons on Global Economics and Your Pricing Strategy

A Big Mac is more than just the all-American burger. The mystery-meat riddled, artery-clogging
By Vivian Guo

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