SaaSFest 2015: The Premier Event for SaaS Growth

Updated On: November 17, 2015

Over the past three years we’ve humbly been given access to the inner workings and metrics of more SaaS and software companies through Price Intelligently and ProfitWell than anyone else on the planet. This opportunity has given us an unprecedented look into not only the industry as a whole, but also how the top and bottom performers tick.

As we’ve grown, a central value we hold dear is empowering everyone we come into contact with to get the most out of the subscription model, which I’m sure you’ve seen through our deep, rich content.

We wanted to get better though. How could we empower the SaaS community on a deeper level with all the knowledge we’ve been gaining? Well, after chatting with dozens of SaaS leaders about how we could do this better, we realized that SaaSFest would be the perfect opportunity to give back to the SaaS community an event completely focused on community building and empowering content to make attendees better.


To show you why we’re excited to host you at SaaSFest 2015, let’s walk through why we’re hosting this thing in the first place, explain how SaaSFest will be different than all the other events out there, before finally cranking through all of the fun details you may be wondering about.


As described a bit above, we’re in a unique position where although we’re not HubSpot or New Relic huge, our insight and connections in the SaaS space rival anyone else out there. We’ve been passing this insight and data onward through our blog content for the better part of three years, but as we get bigger and the insights start to have more impact, we started to explore better mediums to help the greater SaaS community.

"Empowerment + Community Building + SaaS Optimization = #SaaSFest2015"


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After speaking with over 60 different SaaS CEOs and CMOs of different company sizes about our exploration, we started to notice a gap surrounding events and conferences. There are plenty of stadium-sized platform promotion fests (Dreamforce, Inbound, Subscribed,etc.) and even more general tech events (WebSummit, Launch, etc.). Yet, there really isn’t something focused on the SaaS community. Everyone we speak  with wants to meet and speak with their peers to build their network, as well as to hear actual frameworks and advice to take back into their business.

Put another way - folks didn’t want to hear a bunch of fluff from sponsored speakers; they wanted depth from boots on the ground speakers and other attendees.

This insight mixed with our core value of empowering the SaaS community through our content pointed to a targeted conference as the best way for us to give back to the SaaS community and to pass on all of the knowledge we’ve gained in as effective way as possible.


Des Traynor, Co-Founder of Intercom, tweeted recently that  “the biggest mistake conferences make is taking their inspiration from other conferences.” We couldn’t agree more.

We’ve been to a lot of conferences, meetups, and festivals and what separates the best from the worst is a focus on community building. With this theme we went to the drawing board and rethought what an event done the Price Intelligently way would look like, and ultimately how we could help the SaaS community most. Here’s what we came up with:

  1. Focus on community building above all else: You can’t build a community with 10,000 people, nor can you foster serendipitous relationship building without a little help. This is why we chose to focus ultimately on helping attendees create lasting relationships with peers, future co-founders, and mentors of all kinds. 

    So how the hell do we actually do that? Here’s how:
      1. Keep the event tight knit and capped in population: We capped the number of people who can come to avoid a sprawling group that doesn’t have enough time to build meaningful relationships.

      2. Facilitate introductions to foster the best connections possible: Everyone in attendance will be given a list of a few folks they should reach out to beforehand to meet up (LinkedIn/Twitter profiles), as well as suggested tables for breakfast and lunch (all based on a pre-conference survey). We feel like we should do the work on making sure you’re meeting the right people based on your needs

      3. No conference sponsors: Sponsors serve a purpose at large events to subsidize costs, but ultimately it’s really hard to keep content and community pure at a one day conference and fulfill value for sponsors. We may revisit sponsors if SaaSFest grows, but for now we’ll focus on covering costs strictly through ticket sales.

  1. Content from the best operators in SaaS: Beyond a lack of focus on community, some of the problem areas with conferences involve extremely shallow content or content that everyone’s heard before. To combat this, we first focused on speakers who are the best of the best in their respective fields, and second are making sure that we curate all of the content for you to get the most out of your day.

Some of the names you won’t recognize, because we worked extremely hard to find the folks who are truly revolutionizing their areas of expertise, even if they aren’t the most self-promotional. As I’m sure you’ve recognized from our own content, we take content quality exceptionally seriously and SaaSFest will be no different.


We planned a packed agenda with actionable talks and panels geared towards the three pillars of SaaS - Acquisition, Monetization and Retention. Here's a look at some of the different sessions we have lined up as well as the speakers.

Location and SaaSFest Summary

Along with having exceptionally serious content quality for this event, we also have a great venue with all the necessary attributes to make a complete SaaSFest experience. 

  • District Hall: 75 Northern Avenue Boston, MA 02210

  • Date: December 09, 2015 (Optional workshops Dec 10)

  • Talks: 12+ speakers with deep SaaS expertise and operating experiencing giving actionable presos

  • Peers: Curated peer introductions based on your SaaS needs and preferences. Conference attendance capped to facilitate relationship building.

  • Travel: Room rates for December 8, 9, and 10th. Concierge guides to Boston.

  • Cost: $750 all-inclusive. Optional monetization workshops December 10th for $3,500 (prices go up November 20th)

The opportunity to be elite in the field of SaaS is completely yours for the taking. SaaSFast 2015 is all about empowerment and building community. You will walk out of this event with powerful and actionable knowledge to improve your business. So without hesitation go ahead and grab your seat here

See you at SaaSFest!  

Grab Your Seat

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