No more guesses.

Set your price using hard data


Crystal clear results

Price reveals exactly what you should be charging for your product. Interact with the results of the analysis to develop an intuitive understanding of the price sensitivity of your target buyers.

In addition to the optimal price point, gain additional insight. Discover how to use your pricing decision to maximize revenue, or alternatively speed the adoption of your product to establish market share and get a leg up on your competitors.


Reliable data

Since Price works with real customer price sensitivity data it is of paramount importance to filter and segment responses, detecting and rejecting disingenuous data points.

Price aggressively validates and sanitizes your input data, ensuring a clean, reliable data set prior to analysis.

Plain-English explanations

Chances are that you have enough going on outside the practice of pricing your product. We built Price to help save you the hard work of crunching numbers and coming to conclusions.

Price's one-of-a-kind price report summary will remove the mystery from analyzing your price sensitivity data. Benefit from the clear, concise takeaways that will leave you confident in your new pricing strategy.


Made to fit your business

Every product and service is unique, especially the ones we see being priced with our product. Whether you are interested in charging a one-time fee, a monthly subscription, or even billing by the hour, Price has you covered.

All you need is the information that you would find on your product's marketing page: title, description, features and benefits, and perhaps an image or video.