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Build Your
Pricing Page

Deploy the pricing team with the best ROI to utilize data and our algorithms to build your pricing strategy and page.
Best for those who need a pricing page built.

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Results In
6 weeks

Data Sprints
1 Sprint

Data Driven Pricing Page Options

Starts at $45k
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Pricing Team

We build your pricing page and conduct ongoing value monitoring of your KPIs (churn, conversion, upgrades, etc.)
Best for those who need to optimize their value over time.
Six month commitment minimum.

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Results In
6 weeks & Multiple Sprints Per Quarter

Data Sprints
1-3 Sprints Per Quarter

Data Driven Pricing Page Options

Ongoing SaaS Benchmarking

On call SaaS and
Pricing Experts

Starts at $15k/month
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What's a data campaign?

Great question. We have our own proprietary algorithms that determine your customers' relative preference for different features and their price sensitivity for your product. To feed these algorithms we collect data directly from your customers, prospects, or market panelists. Each time we collect data is one value study. To learn more, set up some time to chat with us.

Why are your prices in ranges?

We're a combination of a software and services company, so depending on the exact problem we're solving, the cost varies a bit. We want to be as transparent as possible though, so these ranges represent 80% of our engagements. To see where you fall, contact one of our pricing experts.

Who in the world are you?

We're a group of data nerds on a mission to help you make more money and understand your customer better. We're also all about education, so make sure to check out our SaaS Pricing blog to dig in on your own. For more on our background and what we stand for, check out our About Us page.

Who do you work best with?

We're not for everyone. If you're strictly looking for someone to go through qualitative theories around pricing, we're not the best fit. We know SaaS pricing better than anyone else, but we won't recommend anything unless we have the data to support the theory. Plus, we're all about giving away the theory on our blog.

Still have questions? Talk to an expert.

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“I couldn't believe the value Price Intelligently brought to my team so quickly and so efficiently. I'm so happy we found an awesome partner.”

— Suneet Bhatt, VP Marketing at Chartbeat